“My wife, Cindy, and I with our two boys participated in the Workshop and all four of us felt that we benefitted tremendously! Our conversations instantly became more interactive and interesting. In addition, we started talking more about our goals and what we needed to do to achieve them!

-Lance S.

“…the ELI assessment shined a light on areas that I think I put too little stock in about myself….I have made an effort to push myself even more in the areas in which I possess more of a natural inclination.”

-Teddye P.

“I discovered that what I had considered weaknesses in my personality and caused me to be self-conscious were actually my natural gifts. I have begun working on shining a light on those things I use to keep hidden.”

-Ezra P., 12 years old

“I felt like you showed me what strengths and weaknesses I have……Also, you showed me a better way to talk to my family…”

-Dee, 17 years old

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Foundations laying the groundwork

Coaching | Individual Services

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Coaching Families to:

  • interact more effectively

  • discover their strengths and values

  • greater respect for one another

  • identify a clearer vision

  • and explore a more dynamic future.

Coaching Teens to:

  • pilot physical and social transitions

  • navigate the uncertainty of adolescence

  • get a clear vision for their future

  • build a strong work ethic

  • open up in a safe and unbiased environment

  • discover time-management techniques that work for them