Wendy Irwin, ACC, ELI-MP
Wendy Irwin Coaching & Perspicacity

A Creative Entrepreneur + A Mother + A Coach =
Uncommonly Perspicacious Youth Coach

As a business owner and mother of two teenagers, Wendy began to see an opportunity for coaching in her own home. By applying some of the coaching techniques learned during her certification process and incorporating some unconventional experience and insights from her creative business, she soon found out the amazing differences in families when the two ideologies merged.

At Intentional Edge, we created the Foundations and Pathfinder Series Workshops that focus on: helping families learn how to interact more effectively; helping parents and kids discover their strengths and values; creating a better vision for the families and greater respect for one another; and by doing so, guiding the teenagers and parents to explore more openly future possibilities in school, college, career and life.

Patricia Selmo, CPC, ELI-MP
Patricia Selmo Coaching

A Graphic Recorder + A Mother + A Coach =
Amazingly Creative Youth Coach

After decades of being in the wrong career(s) due to family, cultural pressures and guidance, Patricia finally found her true calling which includes the values (creativity, curiosity, connection) and strengths (seeing patterns, drawing, writing). Patricia is an Information Transformer – taking information and transforming it into something useable by its desired audience.

As a certified Profit From Your Passions coach, Patricia helps people find their perfect career path utilizing their skills, experience and passions. She helps coaches and small business owners determine and create their online signature program (ebooks, webinars, teleclasses, workshops, etc.) and market it using blogs, podcasts and social media.

Patricia’s passion is helping others bypass any wrong turns in their careers by getting them quickly onto the right path where they will find joy and abundance.