When I was young, I remember having something inside my heart that I knew needed a voice? I remember thinking, “My outlook is unique, and I can make an impact on the world in a new way.” That was before the cynicism of the everyday routine, the 9 to 5, the monthly bills, the diaper changing…the Numb Rut, as I call it.

Fast forward 25+ years…

I asked myself, How would my life be different if someone sat down with me at 13, 14, 21 or even 30 and asked me about that little voice and how it could manifest into a success future?” That one little question is how Intentional Edge began.

Intentional Edge, as a concept, has been brewing for a while. It took some stressful events in my family’s and children’s journey to reveal the exact road taken.

Along the way, I joined with a wonderfully spiritual and well-organized (thank God) fellow coach, Patricia Selmo. Together, we started methodically creating this amazing vehicle for parents and their children to discover a new way of working together toward a common goal, a happy, successful and fulfilled future.

How are you going to do that?

Our initial Workshop Series, Foundations and Family Dynamic, is the perfect beginning to a complete paradigm shift in communication, self-perception and family collaboration. We give you powerful tools to help with navigating all of the transitions that happen so quickly with your children that, as a parent, you don’t have time to hesitate.

Our intent with Foundations is to, firstly, help educate parents and give them all of the equipment they need to communicate, mentor and team up with their teen. We are so PASSIONATE about the importance of this element, it is a pre-requisite for ALL parents to attend before signing up for another workshop. Secondly, we take those amazing building blocks from Foundations and begin working together with your whole family in Family Dynamic. In this segment, we cover *good* communication, intuitive listening, boundaries, respect, and honesty. You will walk away with a different outlook and a strategy to successfully move forward with newly found confidence.

Coming Soon to Summer 2017!

Stayed tuned this summer as we reveal more workshops just for your kiddos. We are unveiling a TON of new workshops covering topics such as: Dating, First Job, Social Media and Friendships, Leadership, School Life, and more in the works!


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-Wendy and Patricia