The Teen Leadership workshop is based on developing your child as a leader both in their own lives and as a leader of others. We all lead, either by choice or default.

If you don’t think of yourself as a leader, then you are limited in your thinking and ultimately your choices. Leading is the way we help move people into action, ourselves included. The question is not whether or not we are leaders, but how well we lead.

In this workshop, we will discover:

  • How we communicate or interact

  • How we develop relationships

  • How we motivate ourselves to take action

  • Interpersonal effectiveness

  • How to create productive school, family and work environments.

Leadership skills are important for daily interactions with everyone we encounter and lead to greater success in all our endeavors.

*This course is a great introduction to our more in-depth program, Energy Leadership Development, offered at Intentional Edge for both teens and adults.

$ 97

Youth Only

Rate include 1 person
+ 67 for each add’l person