When working with Intentional Edge, you’ll find a very thorough approach with a relentless focus on the experience!

We listen! We listen like it’s an art form. The questions are intentional and lead to a complete understanding of the current situation.

We observe! Once we hear and have a complete understanding of your assessment of the current state, we take the opportunity to see it for ourselves.

We question! Yes, more questions. Now that we have heard and seen the current situation, it’s time to take it to begin the discovery of true intention and ROI of the project.

We visualize! We’ll work together to imagine and define exactly what the final outcome of the project will look like and how we’ll measure results. This phase is mission critical for the success of the project.

We design! The design phase is where the project plan comes together. It’s where our timeline, resources and measurements come together to dictate how we get there.

We execute! And now we can put the plan to work. Believe it or not, this is the easy part. We build a strong foundation, so when we get to this point, it all comes together.

Continuous improvement keeps us analyzing and refining the process. There are always improvements to be made and corrections to make every project better the next time.